Roger Harper Reeves, Ph.D.
Department of Physiology, P202  
Johns Hopkins Univ. Schl. of Medicine  
725 N. Wolfe Street 

Baltimore, MD 21205 
(410) 955-6621, FAX (443) 287-0508

EDUCATION 1983  Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park, MD/ Nat'l. Cancer Institute, NIH, Molecular Genetics
1975  B.S., Bowling Green State Univ., Bowling Green, Ohio, Biology/Chemistry minor
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2001-  Core Faculty, McKusick-Nathans Institute for Genetic Medicine, The Johns Hopkins Univ. Schl. Med. (JHUSOM),
  Baltimore, MD;  (Member, Center for Medical Genetics, JHUSOM, 1992-2001)
1985-  Instructor/ Assistant (86)/ Associate (91)/ Professor (99) in Physiology, JHUSOM
1983-1985  Post-doctoral Fellow, Developmental Genetics Laboratory, JHUSOM
1975-1977  Electron Microscope Technician, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

The Down Syndrome Educational Trust (UK), Science, Research and Practice Advisory Board (2007- ).
Science Advisory Boards, National DS Society (05) and DS Research and Treatment Foundation (2006)
Director, Hopkins Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program (P.I., R25 GM64124-01 2001-06)
Advisory Review Board, Mouse (1998-2001) and Rat (2000-02) Genome Databases
Treasurer, American Genetics Association (2000-01)
Chair, Advisory Committee for Rodent Issues, School of Medicine (2000- )
Instructor and Assistant Professor Review Committee (1997- )
Advisory Committee, Biology and Biotechnology Research Program, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  (1998-01)
Faculty director, The Johns Hopkins University Transgenic Core Facility (1996- )
Director, Johns Hopkins Minority Summer Internship Program for undergraduate students (1991-05)
Secretariat, International Mammalian Genome Society (1997-00; 2004-07)
Director, Cold Spring Harbor Lab Course, "Positional Cloning: Contig to Candidate Gene," (1995-97).
“Nineteenth International Mouse Gene Mapping Workshop,” Organizing committee, Strasbourg, FRANCE (2005). “First International Congress Jerome Lejeune,” Session Chair, Paris (2004). “Expert Workshop on the Biology of Chromosome 21 Genes,” Session Chair, “Genotype-phenotype correlations”, Washington, DC (2004). “Sixth World Congress on Trauma, Shock, Inflammation and Sepsis,” Session Chair, Munich, GERMANY (2004). DOE, Ad hoc reviewer, (1992 – present); NIH-DOE Joint Working Group on the Mouse, Genome Advisory Committee, NCHGR (1991- 92); Genome Research Review Committee (Study section), NCHGR (91-95); NICHD Dev Biology study section (2003-06). Ad hoc reviewer Fogarty Center, NCHGR, CIDR.
Committee on Mouse Chromosome 16 (Chair, 1990-00) and Chromosome 10 (Co-chair, 1990, 91).
Editorial: Editorial Board, Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders, (2008- );Cancer Genomics and Proteomics, (2003- ); Editorial Board, Genome Research, (1995-03); Associate Editor, Genomics (1995- ); Editorial Board, J. Heredity (1992- ); Editorial Board, Mammalian Genome (1989- ).

TRAINING Faculty member of graduate programs in: 1) Cell and Molec. Physiology - Graduate Advisory Committee 1994-96, Curriculum and Rotations Committee, 2000- ; 2) Human Genetics - Director, Advanced Topics in Human Genetics 1995- , Curriculum, Admissions, Executive committees 1991- ;  3) Biochem., Cell, and Mol. Bio. - Policy (90-08), Admissions (88-90) committees; 4) Cell and Molec. Medicine – Policy committee (2006- ). Visiting Scientists/ Mentorships (5 since 1993); Post-doctoral fellows (12 since 1988); Graduate students (13 completed, 5 current).
RESEARCH SUPPORT (Active currently) 2007-08. “Treatment for Sonic hedgehog deficiency in mouse models.” Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation, San Francisco, CA.
. “Genetic modifiers of congenital heart disease.” R.H. Reeves, P.I., R01 HD083300, NHLBI.
2006-08. “Genetic modifiers of cognitive function of Down syndrome.” Anna and John J. Sie Foundation/Univ. Colorado.
2006-10. “Modifier genes of sepsis.” A. DeMaio, Ph.D., P.I., RHR co-P.I., R01 GM073825, NIGMS.
2000-11. “Genomic approaches to aneuploidy.”  R. H. Reeves, Ph.D., P.I., R01 HD038384, NICHD.
2001-08.  “Hopkins post-baccalaureate research education program.”  R.H. Reeves, P.I., R25 GM61424, NIGMS.

April, 2008 “New Frontiers of Down Syndrome Research.” Inaugural address for the National Down Syndrome Society Educational Series, New York, NY.
February, 2008 “Therapies for - and from - Down syndrome.” The Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison.
February, 2007 “A Year of Unprecedented Progress in DS.” Keynote lecture, Gatlinburg Conference on Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, Annapolis, MD.
December, 2006 “Towards Therapy for Phenotypes of Down syndrome.” University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
November, 2006 “Strategies for fundamental treatment in Down syndrome.” Fondation Jérôme LeJeune, Paris, FR.
July, 2006 “Tumor repression in Down syndrome,” 55th Fujihara International Seminar, Tomakomai, JAPAN
March, 2005 “Mechanisms and therapy in Down syndrome.” Third International Conference on Chromosome 21 and Medical Research on Down Syndrome. Barcelona, SP.
March, 2005 “From Genotype to Phenotype in Down syndrome.” Dept. of Human Genet, U. Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
November, 2004 “Vers une thérapie de la trisomie 21: les bases du dysfoncionnement cérébral.” First Int’l. Conference Jerome Lejeune, Paris, FR.
March, 2004 “Genetic Engineering in Mice for Research in Injury and Sepsis.” International Workshop on Shock, Trauma, Inflammation and Sepsis, Session Chair, Munich, DE.
December, 2002 “Mouse genome sequence.” National Public Radio, Talk of the Nation – Science Friday with Ira Flatow.